Established in 2015, BLACK MOB THE LABEL is an emerging, unisex street wear label out of Brisbane, which offers edgy, alternative fashion choices with a street edge. BMTL creates clothing for those who want to stand up and stand out. For those who aren't afraid to blur the dividing lines between gender, race, religion and culture. 

BMTL make dope clothing but also care about producing that clothing as ethically and sustainably as possible, keeping the entire design and manufacturing process within Australia. Rather than mass manufacturing in a third world country where those workers may be subject to unfair wages and unsafe working conditions, BMTL chooses to design and make each orderas it’s ordered. This means BMTL garments can be custom sized for your body size/shape, certain features can be added or removed, or you can collaborate with them to create something that's a combination of existing designs.  BMTL aim to create quality, statement items for your wardrobe that will last a long time and not end up in landfill after a few months.

BLACK MOB THE LABEL strives to be not only a sustainable and ethical choice in street wear, but a brand that will not sit on the fence when it comes to pressing social issues like racial equality and LGBT rights. BLACK MOB THE LABEL's graphic prints, bold branding, black on black textures and edgy silhouettes echo the brand's philosophy - it is bold, strong and ready to be heard. 

What's the MEANING BEHIND the name?

"When you think about the colour Black it's nearly always used to describe something negative. If you are mean and unemotional you have a 'black heart', in children's stories the good witch wears white, the evil witch wears black, Blackball, blackmail, blacklist, blackmarket, black cat, etc...the list goes on. We're conditioned from a young age to make those associations with colour and in society those associations can extend to people's skin colour as well. The 'black' part of Black Mob is not there as a negative but represents power, strength and resilience. The word Mob is commonly used to negatively describe a large group of people (usually people of colour) who are either protesting, angry and/or acting disorderly. People of colour - whether that is polynesian, middle eastern, indigenous australian, african, african-american, native american, south american, asian etc who are angry about social injustices, demanding change and fighting for equality? There is power in numbers and I see that as a positive thing. So it's really about taking two historically 'negative' words and reclaiming them..." 

- Leilani Fonoti (Designer)